Shawnigan Lake, BC Wakeboard School



Q) Do I need gear?

A) No, we have all the wakeboard & wakesurf gear in sizes to fit everyone.

Q) Does it need to be sunny?

A) No, cloudy days are great because there are usually fewer boats out making waves. Even a little rain is okay.

Q) Is it cold?

A) We have drysuits for the colder days. You wear your clothes underneath and stay warm and dry. Plus there is a heater in the boat.

Q) What if it's windy?

A) We all want to ride on flat water and there are a couple of spots on Shawnigan Lake that are usually calm that we can drive to, though this may take away from your riding time.

Q) Can I bring friends/family?

A) That's what makes it fun! Bring your friends and family to watch your wakeboard/wakesurf session at no extra cost.

Q) Can I wakeboard and wakesurf in the same session?

A) Yes, when your muscles get tired from wakeboarding, jump on the wakesurfer.

Q) Do you teach wakeskating?

A) I don't personally teach it, but I can bring in a pro rider, Tanner Champion, who can.

Q) Do I use a rope wakesurfing?

A) You start with a rope, then when you find the sweet spot on the wave you can let go and stay with the boat.

Q) Can I learn an invert?

A) Yes, after you have learned good wakeboarding basics an invert will wow your friends.